Candidate interview: Helen Powell

Helen Powell (Lincolnshire Independents)

Helen Powell (Lincolnshire Independents)

The candidate from Lincolnshire Independents might shun traditional and “tribal” party politics, but she is crystal clear on the values shaping her views.

Helen Powell stands for the Lincoln seat on the Lincolnshire Independents ticket. The Independents don’t feel at home in the national parties, and focus on local issues. In local elections the group have had some success, but have not been able to challenge Labour or the Conservatives in parliamentary elections.

“If you put others first, you are part of the others. If you only look after yourself you alienate people. We should be helping each other, and I feel very strongly that if these values very exercised by everyone the world would be a better place,” she told The Linc.

Helen Powell argues that the effects of policies should be measured to be sure that everyone has a consideration that is involved with the outcome of that policy.

She outlines her four key policies: “Housing, education, health and the economy. These are just one-word policies but their cover a multitude of areas. It is important that we get a well-balanced framework in place and don`t just do bits here and there.

“There is a massive focus on getting more houses built, but we risk being lost in details. We must create good environments for people to live, not just houses to live in,” she said.

On maternity and childcare, Helen Powell believes employers must take responsibility and make it easier for women to get back into work after maternity leave. She also proposes a system were hospitals have homes especially allocated to house medical staff who move to the area for work.

She decided to join the independents rather than one of the traditional parties because of what she calls “Whitehall influence” on local politics. She explained:

“Because of the tribal party culture, Whitehall tends to determine how councillors should vote. I have seen it myself. They deliver a block vote nearly without any discussion, how can they know what they should really vote for or against?”

On immigration, she says workers coming to Lincolnshire from abroad have been vital for the agricultural industry and have overall been a good thing for the country.

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