Dressing for 9am lectures: Expectations vs Reality

Written by Emily Braybrooke

Organising everything for uni is super exciting, and you’ve probably decided in your head that you are to be a fashionista on campus.

You have told yourself that every evening you will select your outfit for the next day, a bag will be packed and an alarm will be set with enough time to ensure you’re Instagram ready for the day ahead.

THELINC9This routine may do you well when all you have is welcome talks and you don’t have to hobble your hungover self to lectures until later. When the 9am lectures come around though, it’s a whole different story.

Waking up, you realize you were too busy pre-drinking to pack a bag or select an outfit. Your hair probably has a faint smell of alcohol and sweat, and whoops, you also slept through your alarm!

Feeling a little worse for wear, this is probably when you should embrace student living.

THELINC92 (1)Throw on some comfy jeans and a jumper (this will soon become your ‘I overslept’ uniform) and pray you have some dry shampoo left. Lets face it, sleep is more important than washing and drying hair.

As your feet will probably ache from last night’s dancing make sure you have some comfy, yet stylish shoes for these mornings! Trainers or espadrilles are the best choice.

With the door to the lecture hall approaching, this is the moment your coursemates will see you in this state. Hair unwashed, little makeup and an outfit you never dreamed you’d be leaving the house in.

Walking in, a mixture of relief and slight disappointment comes over you. For a start, no one has commented on your appearance (you definitely don’t look this bad on a regular basis, do you?). Something that is reassuring though is that around 60% of the lecture hall looks the same as you!

THELINC91If the thought of a fashion free day gives you a minor panic attack, buy yourself some cheap yet chic jumpers and t-shirts to throw on with jeans. If the hangover is real, ginormous sunglasses and a good concealer work wonders.

Yes, some days you will look like you’ve stepped straight out of a magazine and into the hallways but don’t be afraid to embrace the lazy side too.


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