Summer to autumn fashion transitions

Living in Britain can be fabulous. We can enjoy fish and chips by the seaside, celebrate anything to do with the Royal family and appreciate our abundance of tearooms.

What our small isle is not blessed with, however, is good weather – which can unfortunately put a sorry end to our dreams of a long hot summer in our pretty dresses and sunnies.

Although all is not lost, many of our summer outfits, with the right accessories, can swing on right into the cooler months, doubling up as all-year wear. So, how do you work your wardrobe all year round? Here are some top tricks to help you get the most out of you money and your wardrobe.

Flash some fur. 

Photo Number 1

Photo: Ellie Gascoigne

Wearing a tad of fur under a light jacket, or on top of a one of your fave summer outfits is a great way to make your lighter coats and summer dresses more winter-appropriate.

Layers, Layers, Layers.

Layers are key to a transitioning wardrobe. Chunky cardigans, woolly tights and big jumpers are perfect in-between items that can help to turn around a look. Never underestimate the power of some super fashionable layering.

Add a turtle neck to a shift dress. 

Photo Number 2 (1)

Photo: Ellie Gascoigne

Simple yet perfect.

Turn a dress into a skirt, by adding a jumper.

Your favourite summer dress has the potential to get some extra wear when teamed with a cute jumper and tights – bringing colour to an autumn wardrobe and winter wear-ability to a summer item.

Photo Number 3

Photo: Ellie Gascoigne

Belt it up with a blanket scarf.

Cover up a summer dress or your favourite vest with ease. This one’s from New Look and can be effortlessly paired with any outfit along with boots and tights to give that great autumnal vibe.

Get savvy with your scarfs.

Scarves are one of my favourite accessories – you just can’t go wrong with them. With various ways of wrapping them, and many styles to choose from, adding one that goes perfectly with a summer time outfit is easy and can be super stylish.


Add jeans.

Turn a dress into a smock or shirt with a pair of easy wear jeans. Taking away the chill but not your style or summer longing.

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