Your guide on how to look good in the library

This article was originally published in the Freshers 2015 print edition of The Linc. If you’re a student and want to get your work in print, send us an email and get involved!

GCW library (Photo: Gregor Smith)

The library is well known for bleary-eyed students doing crunch time on deadlines (Photo: Gregor Smith)

You’ve made it. You’re officially a university student and, much like the excessive binge drinking, a three year commitment to the library probably wasn’t mentioned at open days.

Freshers’ Week will soon be replaced by deadline week: where hangovers don’t crush your soul, essays do. You’ll be nose deep in a book that you don’t understand and religiously drinking coffee to stay alive.

But don’t worry about missing out, late night library sessions will feel like a bad night out as you’ll wake up after getting in at 3am, filled with regret after looking through your essay instead of your texts.

Don’t blend in with the crowd, be the one that everyone admires and dress to success with these hottest library looks.

1. It’s due date, and you haven’t referenced your essay yet. You’ve stupidly had a heavy night, and on your way home at 5am, you suddenly remember your 9am deadline. Turn up like you turned up to the club and take the library like it’s the dance floor in last night’s clothes. You’ll smell like Jäger, but you’ll look eager and committed.

2. Just spent a fortune on expensive gym clothes but can’t actually be bothered to go to the gym? Don’t worry, your post-club McDonalds will catch up with you and you’ll be wearing them to your library session. Rock an effortless but effective ‘I’m going to the gym after this’ look with tracksuit bottoms, a loosely fitted t-shirt along with an infamous oversized university hoodie. Let’s not forget about a pair of energetic Nike trainers to finish off the motivational look. Why not go crazy and even throw in a headband to really fool people that you have your life together?

3. Why over complicate your attire with multiple pieces of clothing when you can slip into your favourite onesie? Completely hassle free, you don’t even have to wear anything underneath it so go wild and embrace the animal you are dressed as. It’s a comfort classic so wear yours with pride and you will make everyone weep with jealousy.

Your main goal, however, is to remain focused to stay alive. Don’t worship the library (too much). You’re only a fresher once.

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