Lincoln Moorlands Railway FC are beaten again

The match between Lincoln Moorlands Railway and Yorkshire Amateur brought no news to the locals as the Moors lost again.

The first half started with Moorlands dominating, looking for the opener against “Ammas” who depended on pure counter attacks during the first half.

Their first shot came in the 5th minute but didn’t threaten. The game remained the same for the first 10 minutes.

Ammas almost opened the scoring in the 13th minute by Thomas Marsden. Two minutes later, Moorlands first shot but it went over.

In the 20th minute, there was a good effort created by Samuel Triffitt, who passed it to Gavin Mackie. He misfired.

After that, midfielder Geno Robinson successfully opened the scoring after a strong shot to give the locals the lead in the 21st minute.

Lincoln Moorlands Railway took the lead but were punished late on (Photo: Kheirredine Bouras)

Lincoln Moorlands Railway took the lead but were punished late on (Photo: Kheirredine Bouras)

The match became very intense afterwards and players started to lose their temper, which made the referee call the players to cool them down and keep them focused.

Ammas missed an easy chance, after Joel Hughes created an opportunity, took on defender Leigh Warman but again Thomas Marsden failed to score.

Moorlands hit back fast; Samuel Triffitt’s shot almost saw the back of the net after his shot got deviated by the opposition, however the keeper managed to save his side.

Ammas continued their counter attacking play brilliantly and in the 31st minute, Hughes was through on goal but Liam Joyce brilliantly saved the ball and got it out for a corner.

The first and only booking of the match came in the 34th minute to Samuel Triffitt after he tackled the Ammas player harshly.

Three minutes afterwards, Hughes decided to penetrate the Moors defence on his own and managed to win himself a penalty.

He scored to equalise for his team and make the first half end 1-1 with no further chances or threats to either of the teams.

The second half started with Moorlands looking to take the lead again. Five minutes after the start, Callum Dye missed an easy chance to take the lead.

After that, the rhythm went down and, play stayed in the midfield.

Samuel Triffitt, almost scored the second goal in the 18th minute of the second half.

Five minutes later, Hughes hit back for the Ammas and shot a very dangerous ball but the keeper brilliantly saved the locals from the guests taking the lead.

As the second half carried on, the Moorlands players started getting tired in the last 10 minutes of the match. The Yorkshire side took advantage of that to score the second goal from a long range effort from Craig Heard.

Heard came back two minutes later to add the third goal of his team. The fourth goal came towards the end of the match and the match ended 4-1 for Yorkshire Amateur.

Lincoln Moorlands Railway FC: Liam Joyce, Zak Johnson, Ryan Attwell, Samuel Triffitt, Leigh Warman, Steven Swinburn, Geno Robinson, Greg Andrews, Gavin Mackie, Joshua Schofield and Callum Dye.

Yorkshire Amateur FC: Suruwa Bojang, Robert Wadsworth, Glen Wood, Thomas Rose, Daniel Freeman, Carl Heard, Thomas Marsden, Harrison Blakey, Joel Hughes, Craig Heard and Adam Shaw.

Full-time: Lincoln Moorlands Railway 1-4 Yorkshire Amateur FC

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