Lincoln plastic bag reaches £1,200 on eBay

The 5p bag tax has created divides across Lincoln and the UK. However, one eBay seller decided to join in by selling a bag of his own on the site, with the current bid set at £1,200.

Phil Martin (54), of Union Road, Lincoln, put the plastic bag on eBay on Monday, October 5.

“Initially, it was all about the price of the 5p bags. The whole idea was just a big joke, there is not enough silly humour around. There is a lot on Facebook with gifs and stuff like that, so I thought, I will just do something a bit crazy,” he said.

Running a humorous Facebook protest page, Mr Martin, who describes himself as having a quirky, Monty Python inspired sense of humour, said he saw other funny objects being sold on eBay and decided to follow suit.

Mr Martin went into his kitchen, pulled out a white plastic bag and wrote ‘Asda’ on the side with a blue pen, and then put it straight onto eBay.

The plastic bag set for bidding.

The plastic bag set for bidding. Photo: Phil Martin

Interest in the bag is high, with Mr Martin receiving 7 emails with questions about the bag.

“They have asked things about the dimensions of the bag, if I have one with ‘Morrison’s’ on it, and what the composition of the bag was,

It has been a bit of a learning curve to find out what bags are made of,” he said.

Watching the bidding closely, Mr Martin has theories as to who is bidding.

He said, “It is basically two people bidding, and a third person who dropped out at £30, I imagine it is a couple stuck in a stock brokers office in London having a laugh, or possibly some students.”

Although he is interested, Mr Martin is not bothered if the winner does not pay.

“I do not think it would bother me in the slightest, but then it is the novelty of ‘look what I have bought’, and you gain a bit of office credibility. I just think it is hilarious. If they do not pay I am not going to make a big fuss of it,

“However, if they do pay, because I was not expecting this, me and my wife are going to donate 10% of the final bid price to Widow Cullen’s Wells’ charity box for Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance,” he said.

With the rest of the money Mr Martin would treat his step daughter, buy himself a new jacket, and possibly a new pair of shoes, being certain to spend within the local community to benefit local businesses.

“I would spend the money like a lottery win,” he said.

The bag is available for bidding here, with the bidding ending at 20:47 tonight.

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