Student Council: what is it and why should I care?

Tonight will see student representatives from all corners of the university world – academic, welfare, community, sports, and societies – come together to vote on and make decisions.

It’s called Student Council and can be attended by any student who’s a member of the Students’ Union (that’s most of you).

But you’re a busy student with a social life and a bunch of assignments and your flatmates’ sick to clean up. Why should you care about these student politicians?

Well, whether you like them or not, they represent you to your tutors, the senior management of the University, the local press and media, residents’ associations, the National Union of Students, the police, and maybe even your landlords. Student Council is the place you can hold them to account for anything and everything they do.

At tonight’s student council, reps will vote on things including the creation of a panel to make decisions on the commercial arm of the Students’ Union – that’s Tower Bar, the Swan, and the Engine Shed.

They’ll also be coming up with an official stance on PREVENT, a government policy that’s caused problems amongst the international student community; beginning a campaign for changing the scheme for approving student landlords; and electing a new chair for the council after the SU banned the last one from coming back to the Union for six months.

Unhelpfully, they’ll also be voting on a change to the format of Student Council, so this article could be all out of date in a couple of hours.

You can follow the action on our Twitter account and using the hashtag #LincSUCouncil.

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