Student friendly ways to refresh your wardrobe

Almost everyone at some point in their life has sat on their bedroom floor surrounded by every piece of clothing they own claiming to have ‘nothing to wear’.

You’ve either worn items so much so they’ve lost their magic or due to an increase in your alcohol and takeaway intake, they don’t fit you any more.

When you were living at home, the simple solution would have been to just go shopping but when you’re living off your student loan, that’s probably not the wisest thing to do.

So how can you love your wardrobe again without having to extend your overdraft?

Charity Shops. This is an obvious answer, but amazing bargains from charity shops are seriously overlooked. Granted, some are a disappointment but it takes luck, dedication and optimism. Charity shops aren’t the ideal set up to make something look incredible but when you start to pair them with your clothes in your head, outfits will fall together.

Chocker £1 from eBay

Chocker £1 from eBay

Raid other people’s wardrobes. (With their permission obviously) If you have friends / parents that are a similar size to you, find out if they have anything they don’t want any more. You can give them a donation of some sort or if they really don’t care they might give it to you for free! Swapping clothes is also a good idea, that way you both get something you want.

Accessories. Statement necklaces can jazz up any outfit and even a pair of subtle silver hoops can make a difference. You can get accessories almost anywhere on the high street and normally for quite cheap!

Buy more staples. We all love an expensive, one off item of clothing but spending your money on more staples that you can wear with anything will make you feel like you have more choice. No one, including you will care if you wear them more than twice a week and providing you stay the same size, they will also last you a long time.

12071328_937849126286738_1825248562_nLook out for discounts. Events with discounts/sales especially for students are great as it means you can get some good deals on this seasons clothes. UNiDAYS is also a good website to sign up to as it gives you 10% off on most high street stores if you are shopping online.

Customise/recycle items. A mini sewing kit is a crucial thing to own as it makes it so easy change up your clothes you aren’t keen on any more. For example, cutting up a dress to turn it into a skirt is a simple way to recycle an old item into a new one.

Depop. A handy app that allows you to sell your unwanted clothes and buy items for a reasonable price, Depop is a great way to save and make money. It is also full of other students with exactly the same ideas and dilemmas as you so you are bound to find something you want!

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