6 independent coffee shops you should visit

It’s Monday morning, fog covers Lincoln, or it’s raining, or both. You’ve been rudely woken up by an alarm at 7am telling you to get yourself into university for a lecture that you really don’t want to go to. You feel like a zombie, wrapped up in too many layers to count. However, there is a saviour, a miracle brown elixir that will fix all, and make you feel all warm and cosy inside. Sadly rum is frowned upon on a Monday morning, but coffee is not!

Photo: jen/ Flickr

Photo: jen/ Flickr

Lincoln is full of fantastic independent coffee shops, so rather than buying an overpriced sugar cream float from a mainstream store, here are some great suggestions to get your much needed caffeine fix.

1. Coffee Aroma

Named one of the best coffee shops in the UK, Coffee Aroma will without a doubt sort out you’re caffeine fix. Just off the high street, it is sat a few doors down from Mailbox. Looking somewhat unassuming from the outside, most people just walk past, however if you pop your head in then you’ll see it has a lot to offer. With a huge range of filter coffees and all the classic favourites, such as cappuccinos and flat whites, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. If you have the time to sit in, I’d recommend it, as the stunning space upstairs is a great place to get some work done.

2. Angel Coffee HouseThe Angel Coffee House (6)

If you’re coming into uni from a bit further afield, then Angel Coffee House maybe worth a stop on your journey. Set in a beautiful converted chapel, the Angel serves some great coffee and delicious food to takeaway. Situated just round the back of Status nightclub, it provides customers with well-made coffee and comfy seating. Plus, if coffee isn’t your thing, they offer a huge range of teas to takeaway in the morning.

3. Bar UnicoBar Unico (6)

Craving something tall, dark and Italian? Then try the coffee at Bar Unico. Just (literally) 30 seconds off the high street Bar Unico, is a great place to stop and grab a brew on the way to your hideous 9am. They offer a wide range of different coffee, and some Italian styles that you may not have tried before. Along with this they have some fantastic traditional food and even sell bags of their very own blended coffee.

4. Stokes

 When looking for local you can’t go wrong with Stokes. This fantastic old building sits over the canal and hosts a huge range of coffee and loose tea. It seems that Stokes single handily supply most of the cafes in Lincoln with tea coffee and equipment. The interior is stunning, plus the traditional waited table service is rather refreshing compared to the mile long lines at your average chain. Along with a fantastic breakfast menu, it is a great place to stop if you have the time.

5. Café 44Cafe 44 (1)

 Café 44 is a bit of a hidden gem that I found last year. Around the back of Cornhill market, this little café has a lot to offer. It’s not the craziest or “out there” café, but it has its own charm that draws in regulars. Along with good coffee and quick service, it is easy to enjoy your time here. They also do some fantastic breakfasts to takeaway; you can small the bacon sizzling as you stand and wait.

 6. Madame Waffle

Finally, a new instalment to the city-Madame Waffle has just opened on the high street.  They, of course, specialise in waffle production, however they do make a cracking cup of coffee as well. Even on their sign they boast about their coffee. They use a strong rich blend which leaves you with a very satisfying taste. You don’t have to stop and try the waffles, but it does come highly recommended.


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