The Hoosiers hit back with new punchy album

Since they first arrived on the music scene back in 2008 with indie pop classics such as Goodbye Mr A and Worried About Ray, The Hoosiers have been on quite a journey and now they are back with a fresh new sound.

The Hoosiers have just released their fourth album, The Secret Service, and the band are saying it is the first album that is just a pure Hoosiers sound. The new album has moved far away from their original music and they have injected a raw aspect into the tracks.

In fact, we are lucky that we actually got a complete album; the band originally planned to release all of the new tracks on a series of EPs across 2015. After speaking with the fans though, the overwhelming response was to release a new album.

Sam Swallow, the keys for The Hoosiers, said: “It was a change for us. I gather a lot of bands do that before they get signed, but we never did that. We thought it would be fun and would take the pressure off. We spoke to the fans and they said they wanted an album, so we decided to keep releasing Eps, to keep eking music out, but then ultimately aim to release an album.”

The Secret Service was released on 9 October, to a very positive response from the fans who had waited with great anticipation for its release.

The band has moved away from their very pop origins and have finally found their own sound that really stands alone against other bands. The album has several fast paced and punchy anthems, which were lacking from their last album, The News From Nowhere. Yet the album also contrasts its self with a few beautiful slower tracks, which have been very well written, both musically and lyrically.

Alan Sharland the drummer, said: “As we go, it’s a constant progression and change and keeping ourselves on our toes. It’s a bit of a more raw and lively album.”

Sam commented: “Our own tastes change as time goes on, I don’t like listening to the same albums 10 years on. It just happens naturally without too much of a long term plan.”

Last weekend (1 November) The Hoosiers returned to Lincoln as a last stop on their UK tour. Performing at The Platform above Engine Shed the trio packed out the venue with a huge range of local fans.

They were supported by two rather different acts. The first was quite surprising, with a much more synth and electronic sound than I was expecting. The second band, Ginger Tom, really caught the crowd’s attention, with upbeat indie rock anthems and great stage presence.

Once The Hoosiers finally made their appearance, they took the place by storm. Playing new tracks from the album and plenty of old stuff for us all to have a good sing-along to. As usual, we manged to get an encore, where they played their famous Goodbye Mr A, with the help of the universities very own dancers. They put on a fantastic show and were a delight to see.

“We’re planning, to be planning,” said Alan. “There’s been talks of a greatest hits and maybe a little acoustic album, were not sure yet.” So it seems we’ve still got a lot to look forward to from The Hoosiers in the next few years.

I’m glad they have taken a step away from their original sound and I personally am looking forward to more raw Hoosiers.

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