The Ordinary Boys return!

The Ordinary Boys are back! Returning with their fantastic new single ‘Four Letter Word’ and a 27 date UK tour. Their new single is the lead song released on 11th September from their forthcoming eponymous album that came out 2nd October 2015. This is arguably their strongest album to date.

Since getting back together the line-up consist of the original trio – Preston, James Gregory (bass) and Charlie Stanley (drums), alongside the three is new member Louis James, from power-pop band Spectrals (guitar). I spoke to Preston about new member Louis and this is what he told me, “I really loved Spectrals, I was a big fan. I went and saw him supporting the Cribs in Brighton once and then when we were looking for someone to play guitar in the album and be in the band, he was my first choice. I messaged him and was almost confident he’d say no, but he didn’t and things are going really well”.

The band haven’t been together for over 11 years now, and since the split they’ve all been busy with their own lives, businesses and career’s. Charlie (drummer) owns businesses in Cornwall, he has a live music venue called Mono and a vintage shop called Wild Pony Vintage alongside property development down in Cornwall as well. Preston has spent his time song writing. In the last 8 years he has built himself a solid reputation as a successful songwriter.

He said: “I’ve been writing songs for Olly Murs, John Newman and people like that. I’ve also done a song Cher and Enrique Iglesias, which has all been really fun”. Bass player James does sound’s for movies and has been working with big movie studios and guitarist Louis works in Leeds Armoury.

I asked Preston what made them decide to make this new album and start touring again.  He said: “I think just because once you do a bit too much real life and you have all these responsibilities, it just means that you can work out what the bits are that are fun about being in a band and it makes it much easier and a much more enjoyable experience.”

We’re not accountable to anyone and don’t have to impress anyone now so really it just makes the whole thing a lot more fun and also we haven’t really hung out for a long time, and we wanted to see each so we thought what better way than to go get in a van and drive round the country”.

This past year the band have spent it writing and recording their new album. They’ve enlisted people such as, Rory Atwell (the Vaccines, Veronica Falls) and MJ (of Hookworms) on production duties and Dan Lancaster (Bring Me The Horizon, Lower Than Atlantis) for mixing.

So far Preston describes their tour as “brilliant”, with already selling out gigs. “It’s been really really good fun, really perfect, I’m really happy we did it.” Their tour consists of a mix of their old music and their new, a bit of everything for all the fans. The band wanted the new album to be more sing along compare to their others. Preston said that it’s a bit more “pop, heavy and fun”.

The Ordinary Boys are coming close to the end of their 27 date tour now with only 12 dates left, with Lincoln being one of them. They will be making an appearance in Lincoln at The Engine Shed, at The Platform on 18th November being their second to last date.

Tickets can be brought via this link

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