Film Review: Karun

Karun: Misadventures on Iran’s Longest River

A still from the film showing the beautiful Iranian landscape

A still from the film showing the beautiful Iranian landscape

With the stunning landscapes and dramatic cultures of Iran, the short film ‘Karun: Misadventures On Iran’s Longest River’ is a feel-good film to please anyone who loves travelling and exploring cultures from around the world.

Filmed and starring adventurers Tom Allen and Leon McCarron it captures the true heart and feeling of Iran. They took the overwhelming and admirable decision to take a six-week journey through the snowy mountains and the region of Iran using only human powered transport such as inflatable rafts, bicycles and finishing their journey on foot.

Their journey from source to sea was packed with immense hospitality and friendly, warm-hearted people from the region of Iran. The selfless nature and stunning personalities of the people who took them in on their journey is projected with their willingness to help the adventurers out with supplies, food and a warm bed for the night.

The film also portrays how life changing it can be for a young Iranian to be accepted into a University abroad. The incredible Persian history hiding away in modern chaotic cities of Iran are shown through the fantastic architecture of the misunderstood region. Through learning to speak the language to enhance the experience and improvising to make for an epic journey Tom and Leon create an interesting experience that captures the life and soul of Iran. It shows the incredible scenery and the thoroughly beautiful personalities of the Iranian people.

There is more to this part of the world than meets the eye and according to Leon McCarron, “Anything is possible!”

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