Norway’s much loved Highasakite joined Of Monsters and Men on a full-scale UK tour in November, after their most recent UK stopover of only one night completely sold out!

This was not the first time Highasakite had shared the stage, they embarked on a tour of North America and Europe back in May until June. Before heading back to the UK, the band finished the season with many Norwegian headline performances and an astonishing 10,000 capacity show at Sverresborg Arena in Trondheim in August.

Amongst all this, the band have released their first single in more than a year, ‘Keep That Letter Safe’, serving a sequel to debut LP ‘Silent Treatment’ – they were applauded on both sides of the Atlantic and won the longest consecutive run in the Norwegian Top 40 Albums Chart since 1997. They’ve also won two Norwegian Grammys, and IMPALA (European Independent Albums of the Year).

I got the chance to speak to some of the band and find out a little bit about them.

“Me (Trond) and Ingrid met at the Jazz conservatory in Trondheim. We made the first albums together in Oystein and when we were going to play the Oya festival in 2013 we decided to ask Kristoffer and Marte to join in, and since then we have been five!”

I was intrigued to find out how the band came about joining Of Monster and Men on their November tour. “We were actually asked to join them, and that was a no brainer for us,” explained Ingrid, adding that it’s been a really good way for them to show their music to new people.

Of Monster and Men hasn’t been the only tour they’ve been involved in. They also travelled in the south sates and west coast of the US with London Grammar. “They had a wonderful audience and it was so much fun to play in those shows”.

I asked the band if the atmosphere at gigs over here in the UK was different to in Norway, “No, I think it’s similar, but in Norway we’re not doing support gigs so it’s a bit different. But we are coming back for a headline show in London in February,” said Ingrid.

Their ideal tour would be a journey through Europe. “We actually dream of going on a tour all the way through Europe, and play a show in every country! Because of the short distances you can play a show in a new country every day!”

Keep your eyes pleased for Highasakite, I have a feeling they’ve got a lot in store for us here in the UK. Their latest single ‘Keep That Later Safe’ is now out via Propeller Recordings and is available on iTunes, go check it out.

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