Of Monsters and Men get beneath your skin in new album

The Icelandic folk band Of Monsters and Men (OMAM) are back with their second album Beneath the Skin. It is follows on from their 2011 debut album, My Head is an Animal, and sees the band taking a few steps in a new direction.

The new album expands on the folk pop style they established with their first album, but just more of it. The songs are bigger, the lyrics are stronger and they have produced a very strong second album.

There is a lot more to each track. The band is incorporating more instruments and stronger harmonies that build the songs up more. It also feels like they have established their own sound, whereas with the last album it was very similar to some of the other popular pop-folk that was around, such as Mumford and Sons or King Charles. Their sound, however, is a bit more ‘out there’ and moves away from the pop style. This may be why the singles that they released haven’t been as big in the charts, even though, personally, I feel they are a lot better.

We were lucky enough to have them perform earlier this week at our very own Engine Shed. The band was supported by another Icelandic band Highasakite, who were a real hidden gem. Having a similar style to OMAM, they really appealed to me. Their style was quirky and their music was fantastic. The music was full and used some great lyrics. They also had an awesome stage set up which made the whole experience even better – definitely worth checking out.

Once OMAM came on stage the crowd erupted, it’s always such a great atmosphere when everyone is such big fans. The set was incredible, playing loads of the new album and blasting out the favourites from their first album.

There are nine members of the band and I think they all played at least two different instruments each. I think the best part had to be the pure enthusiasm of the drummer, got us all clapping along at all the best bits.

The new album is a big step in a new direction that is really working for the band as a whole. They seem to have ignored the term “difficult second album” and gone from strength to strength. I personally cannot wait for more.

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