How to stay focused on your revision


Photo: Jennie/ Flickr

A New Year: a time for catching up with friends and family, partying, eating til’ your hearts content…. and unfortunately lots of revision.

Whilst it’s easy to remain in the Christmas bubble and lounge around on the sofa with your hand permanently fixed in the Quality Street tin, it is still important to remember your university responsibilities. Here are the top 5 ways to keep motivated for your exams.

Organise yourself
Once you’ve arranged all of your catch-up sessions and events, it is easier to see what time you can set aside for revision. It is probably better to collect all of your folders, notes and references that you’ll need in advance instead of running around wasting time when you could be enjoying other things.

Go back to university sooner
If the thought of having to revise whilst you are home fills you with utter dread, why not choose to go back to uni a few days earlier and get it all done in one go?  The idea sounds utterly awful but really it couldn’t be more ideal for getting work done. And, if all your flatmates are still at home, you can really focus with no distractions – bonus!

Make a reward system
Why not try making a list of things you want to achieve with each revision session, and each time you complete a task reward yourself with a treat? Whether it’s a film at the weekend, or just a short tea break, having an incentive is a great way to make sure you keep going.

Mix it up
There’s nothing worse than trying to slog it out, from the same spot, looking at the same laptop screen and dull notes over and over again. Keep your brain active by changing it up; for example, you could switch from flash cards to mind maps, or simply to a different room.

Make it a group activity
Who says revision should be lonely? Asking others for help is great way to test and could even add to your knowledge by throwing ideas around. Get your family or friends to test you, proofread, or even just be your constant provider of a well-needed cup of tea.

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