Find library PCs with new app

A new web app has been created by the University of Lincoln library to help students find available computers.

Find A PC, created in partnership with the university’s IT department, displays information about the percentage of computers available in the library, as well as where on which floor the free PCs can be found.

computers on the ground floor of the University of Lincoln library (Photo: Gregor Smith)

Empty seats in the library can be hard to find – but hopefully the app can streamline that experience (Photo: Gregor Smith)

The application was created by ‘associate developers’ who are current students, working on the website on a part-time basis.

Tim Simmonds, from the university’s IT department, said the idea was something the library used to have years ago, and both the library and associate developers wanted to re-create.

“You’d wander around the library, up and down the stairs until you find a free PC if you’re lucky,” he said.

Whilst the website has only just been made public, Mr Simmonds said the programme was initially a challenge for the associate developers.

“It’s not an easy thing to do,” he said. “It’s something that needed some time – some thought – to actually get acceptance from the library.”

The IT department’s next project is a route planner app, which will enable students to plan their journey to and from lectures and seminars.

Find A PC can be viewed online at, or on mobile at

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