How to get silver hair

It seems weird to think that for so long people have been eagerly trying to dye the grey out of their hair, and now 2016 has come along and brought with it the trend of silver hair.

Although it’s usually safer to try out this daring hair colour in a salon, giving £50 over to your hairdresser while on a student budget is enough to send shivers down your spine.
So here’s how to get on board with the silver hair trend without having to go without food for the next few weeks.

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Hair prep: To give your hair a lift before using any kind of dye, use Fudge’s White Shade of Pale toner (£11.25), which will brighten the tone of your hair meaning that the grey/silver dye will take to your locks easier and have more of an effect. Plus, it works with your hair to repair any kind of damage you may have done to it if you’ve decided to lighten it with bleach or highlights beforehand.

Hair dye: For a more subtle silver-blonde, I’d recommend the Colour Freedom Silver Blonde (£4.99). It’s a semi-permanent hair dye which means it won’t stay in half as long if you decide silver hair just isn’t for you, and gives the hair more of a silver hue than anything else. Plus it’s full of Shea Butter and Argan Oil which means your hair will be left looking and feeling incredible.

However, if you’re wanting to go fully grey, the silver shade of the Crazy Colour hair dye (£5.39) is probably the one for you. It’s less of a toner and instead a full-on dye that will leave your hair looking similar to Little Mix’s Jade. It may not be the best in terms of haircare, but the colour will most definitely be worth it.

Aftercare: Because silver is such a difficult colour to achieve in the first place, it may take a lot of bleaching/dying to initially get there, so keeping the colour for as long as possible is very important – otherwise the colour will wash out pretty quickly. Bleach London’s silver shampoo & conditioner (each £4) have been hailed as the best products to maintain the silver colour and eliminate brassy tones for as long as possible.

To protect the colour even further, OSMO’s Violet Tone and Protect Styler (£4.99) is great to use in conjunction with the Bleach London shampoo & condition, as it helps lock the silver in your hair but also helps with styling after you’ve dried it.

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