Researchers’ hunt for heritage

Researchers at the University of Lincoln have launched a new project to unearth Lincolnshire’s forgotten heritage.

The “Our Lincolnshire” project aims to collect views on what people think makes up Lincolnshire heritage.

Professor Carenza Lewis, best known for her appearances on Time Team, will be leading the study, which has been funded by Arts Council England.

The first part invites audience interaction by getting people to fill in a survey, on what Lincolnshire’s heritage means to them and asking what sectors of history they feel fits the county’s past.

In the second phase, the research team will harness technology to get people to create their own collection of heritage objects from across Lincolnshire.

Anna Scott, a research assistant on the project said: “We want people to engage with us through a survey and a web app to tell us about their heritage and what they think is important to them.

“We want to find out the rural heritage. In the past we have heard about what the city has to offer, which is all incredibly important, but we want refocus that gaze across the rest of the county as well.”

To complete the survey with what Lincolnshire’s heritage means to you, you can do so by following this link.

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