Lincoln SU plan to scrap student council

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union plans to scrap its student council at an All Students’ Meeting tonight.

Student council is the main democratic body of the student union, which currently advises the trustees of the SU on policy decisions and operates as a place where students can “have their say”.

But after conducting a “review” of how the council operates, the union plans to replace it with an online ideas forum called “Your SUggestions”. Ideas will move forward as long as they reach 50 upvotes from SU members, and one with 50 downvotes will be removed.

However, under the current proposals, comments on the forum “will be moderated by the marketing manager”, and ideas “deemed to negatively impact the reputation of the Union” can be neither considered nor published by the President or Chief Executive of the Union.

There will also be an irregular Accountability Forum at which the reports of the SU’s elected officers will be reviewed.

The Students’ Union said that no ‘student leader’ was available for comment. However, their spokesperson added: “All students are welcome to attend our All Student Members Meeting where this new proposed governance, which is designed to open up our democracy and decision making to all students rather than a small number, will be discussed in much further detail. It will be held on Monday 18thApril in BL1101 at 6pm.”

You can follow the meeting on Twitter where we’ll be reporting @thelinc.

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