LIVEBLOG: Lincoln council election updates

Polls have now closed after thousands of Lincolnites went to elect a whole new set of city councillors.

Our reporter Michael Barwise is at the count at the Lincoln Drill Hall, bringing you interviews, insights, and the latest updates from Lincoln and around the country.

The count for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections doesn’t take place until tomorrow morning – we’ll be there too from 10:30am.

Michael Barwise Friday, May 6, 201602:59

Just been announced that there are re-counts for the Birchwood and Hartsholme wards

Michael Barwise Friday, May 6, 201602:45

Glebe ward result:

Ric Metcalfe (LAB) – 841
Jackie Lisa Kirk (LAB) – 778
Patrick Joseph Vaughan (LAB) – 740
Andrew Peter Bradley (CON) – 528
Jamie Luke Bartch (CON) – 510
Peter Francis McNeill (CON) – 484
Fiona McKenna (GREEN) – 207
Norman Haigh (GREEN) – 194
Adam Jacob Holman (GREEN) – 155
Stephen Peter Lonsdale (LIB DEM) – 101
Keri Lowe (TUSC) – 75
Michael Barwise Friday, May 6, 201602:40

Boultham ward result:

Ralph Toofanny (LAB) – 778
Gill Clayton-Hewson (LAB) – 764
Gary Trevor Hewson (LAB) – 760
Alan William Briggs (CON) – 393
Caroline Wilson (CON) – 312
Roger Joseph Hansard (CON) – 297
Hannah Poppy Smith (UKIP) – 243
Heather Elizabeth Cullen (LIB DEM) – 146
Ryan Thomas Cullen (LIB DEM) – 107
Michael Barwise Friday, May 6, 201602:28

Castle ward result:

Donald James Nannestad (LAB) – 867
Jim Hanrahan (LAB) – 867
Loraine Karen Wooley (LAB) – 853
Rod Archer (CON) – 378
David Wright (CON) – 370
Malcolm Roger Barham (CON) – 318
David Franke Warde (UKIP) – 297
Daphne Alexandra Shaw (LIB DEM) – 179
Michael Barwise Friday, May 6, 201602:22

We’ve just been told that the first ward will be announced in a couple of minutes time, standby..

Michael Barwise Friday, May 6, 201601:43

We’ll also be keeping you updated with the national story, with local elections taking place around the country as well as elections to the Scottish Parliament, Welsh and Northern Ireland Assembly, as well as the all important race for the Mayor of London.

Michael Barwise Friday, May 6, 201601:39

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the City of Lincoln Council election results. Stay tuned, as over the next few hours we’ll be brining you the results from all 11 wards in Lincoln.

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