LIVEBLOG: Lincolnshire Police & Crime Commissioner elections

The sun is shining bright over Lincoln, which means the end of local election counting and the beginning of the Police and Crime Commissioner count.

Gregor Smith is keeping you updated with Lincolnshire’s results from the Drill Hall as well as those from across the country all morning.

Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201616:59

While we’re currently processing video, let’s take a look at the results around the country: broadly, both Labour and the Conservatives have held on to the seats they established in 2012, albeit with higher turnout rates. However, where independent candidates have been unseated, Conservative candidates have taken their place – not just here in Lincolnshire but in Warwickshire and West Mercia as well.

Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201615:36
Labour candidate Lucinda Preston said she was “disappointed” with her first round elimination but sees “a lot of positives” in the result.

Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201615:35
Labour candidate Lucinda Preston said she was “disappointed” with her first round elimination but sees “a lot of positives” in the result.

Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201615:29

Marc Jones (Conservative) gets 48,033 total votes, beating Victoria Ayling (UKIP) to be Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire. Interviews with both to follow soon!

Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201614:01
While the Lincoln count comes to a close, many spectators are at lunch, including Chief Constable Neil Rhodes (left) and Conservative PCC candidate Marc Jones (right).

Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201613:22

Three PCCs across the country have already been declared: Labour have kept Northumbria and Durham, while the Conservatives have held Wiltshire. All three have seen rises in turnout compared to the 2012 election.

Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201613:19

First preference results for Lincolnshire as a whole:

Marc Jones, Conservatives: 39,441
Victoria Ayling, UKIP: 28,583
Lucinda Preston, Labour:
Daniel Simpson, Lincolnshire Independents: 18,497

There were 2,270 rejected ballots. As no candidate reached 50% of the overall vote, Lucinda and Daniel will be eliminated and their second preference votes counted, which will begin in 10 minutes or so.

Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201612:59

First preference results for Lincoln only:

Lucinda Preston, Labour: 7,914
Marc Jones, Conservatives: 5,424
Victoria Ayling, UKIP: 3,087
Daniel Simpson, Lincolnshire Independents: 1,843
There were 697 rejected ballots, and we’re expecting the count for Lincolnshire as a whole in just a few minutes.
Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201612:52

Returning Officer Angela Andrews says the provisional figures for Lincoln are due imminently and has asked the candidates to return to the the room. We’re also expecting the county-wide results straight after.

Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201612:47

Counters have currently gone on a 15 minute break. We’re still awaiting confirmation on whether they’ll need to go to second preferences.

Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201611:49

It seems like the count in Lincoln is almost winding down; candidates are currently looking over the “doubtful ballots”.

Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201611:48
So whichever one of them wins, what do they have to do? The law says their role is to “secure the maintenance of the police force for that area, and secure that the police force is efficient and effective”. In real terms, that means they look over how money and resources are allocated to different sections of the police force, and appoint the Chief Constable of the police force.
Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201611:29

The candidates for Lincolnshire are:

  • Victoria Ayling (UKIP): she believes that “the police should not be politicised” and promises a “zero-tolerance [approach] to crime and anti-social behaviour” with “better use of PCSOs”.
  • Lucinda Preston (Labour): currently an English teacher, Lucinda says she’s “committed to neighbourhood policing”, wants to develop “further links between schools and the police to support children in making the right choices”, and promises to “halt any further privatisation of police services”.
  • Daniel Simpson (Lincolnshire Independents): he intends to “challenge the local Crown Prosecution Service over decisions that undermine the work of Lincolnshire Police”, as well as focusing on rural crime and reviewing administrative costs.
  • Marc Jones (Conservative): he plans to introduce “community constables”, “better support” for victims of crime, take rural crime “seriously” and a “tough approach to street drinking, fly-tipping, litter, and excess noise”.
The Liberal Democrats have not fielded a candidate for the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections, despite having many candidates elsewhere in the country.
Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201611:12

Police and Crime Commissioner is a relatively new election; these are only the second ones ever, the first being in 2012. Those first elections were plagued with an incredibly low turnout – just 15.28% of all those registered turned out to vote.

Those that did elected independent candidate and former TV presenter Alan Hardwick into the role, beating the Conservative and Labour candidates. He decided not to run for re-election this year as he had “achieved what he set out to do”.
This year’s election sees not only Conservative and Labour candidates but also new contenders in UKIP and the Lincolnshire Independents. Turnout for this year is also slightly higher at 21.2%.
Gregor Smith Friday, May 6, 201610:54

Good morning! Gregor Smith here. The counting of the votes began around 15 minutes ago, so while that’s going on I’ll be guiding you through the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, who the candidates are, and what the role really means.

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