SU to hold ANOTHER referendum on NUS affiliation

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union has announced it will hold a second referendum on its affiliation with the NUS after “a number of students” said they wanted one.

Lincoln Students' Union (SU)

The students’ union confirmed it will hold a second referendum on NUS membership. Photo: Gregor Smith

The result of the first referendum – held last May – saw students vote to disaffiliate from the NUS by a narrow majority of 77.

The SU are currently set to leave the NUS at the end of the calendar year but this referendum will take place at some point before then in October.

Sammi Storey, The SU’s president said in a statement: “The Executive Committee feel that given the number of approaches that they have had on the matter, the student body will undoubtedly call a referendum during the next term.

“The current Executive Committee want the student voice of the current cohort of members to be heard.

“Given the Officers believe it is inevitable that a referendum will take place, the Committee have requested that the Trustees allow a referendum to be held at the beginning of the academic term to allow the student voice to be heard and for the outcome to be managed in the most effective way for our members.”

The referendum question will be: “Should the University of Lincoln Students’ Union be affiliated to the National Union of Students?” and voting will take place from 9am on the 3rd October 2016 until 12pm on the 7th October 2016.

Sammi Storey also confirmed the SU will remain neutral throughout the referendum process.

An initial referendum took place in May with a turnout of 12.6 per cent of student members.

Reacting to the result Hayley Jayne Wilkinson, then SU president said that it was “necessary to ask our members themselves if they wanted to remain affiliated with the NUS” because “we no longer felt confident that the NUS represented the views of our students.”

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