Lincoln Courts appears on Channel 4 reality show

With £100k on the line and a team of surveillance experts on your tail, if you had to go on the run for 28 days, where would you hide?

For two contestants on Channel 4’s reality show Hunted, the answer is the University of Lincoln’s Courts accommodation, where they stayed for a section of their escapade.

Lincoln Courts was the perfect hiding place for two contestants on the new Channel 4 show. Photo: Liam O'Dell

Lincoln Courts was the perfect hiding place for two contestants on the new Channel 4 show. Photo: Liam O’Dell

In the first episode of the new series, friends Elizabeth Garnett and Anna May stopped off at the accommodation for one night, spending time with friends who study at the university.

One of the students who lived in the flat at the time of the show being filmed was Evie Clapham, a second year student studying pharmacy.

She said: “Anna and Lizzie came to my uni flat in Courts on the first day of taking part. They ran upstairs into our flat in Court 5 with a Channel 4 camerawoman. We fed them some fish finger sandwiches as they had hitchhiked from about six different people on the first day.

“I heard the buzzer at the door and heard their broad Yorkshire accents. I realised exactly who was here and started laughing in a bit of shock.

“I was aware they were taking part and had to sign some documents beforehand but I had no idea they would be coming to Lincoln – especially on their first day on the run.”

The Linc contacted the university for comment, asking if they knew the two ‘fugitives’ were staying in Lincoln Courts at the time.

A University of Lincoln spokesman said: “Eagle-eyed students might have recognised the decor from one of our kitchens in The Courts in the first episode of the new season of Hunted. After a little investigative work of our own, we know that one of the show’s contestants stayed with a friend here in Lincoln for one night.

“We wish the contestants the best of luck in evading capture in the rest of the series.”

Hunted is currently being shown on Thursday nights, at 9pm, on Channel 4.

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