Lincoln Pride fills the city with love and colour for its fourth year running

For the fourth year running Lincoln has rocked the rainbow as it hosted its annual Pride event this weekend.

This year also marked Lincoln Pride’s first ever parade which included hundreds of people from charities and local LGBT groups. The procession made its way through the city centre – turning heads as it went – finally stopping at the Brayford.


Hundreds of people marched through the city of Lincoln as part of the parade. Photo: Max Norstrom

Stalls from charities and other organisations lined the Brayford Waterfront, selling various LGBT merchandise as well as spreading awareness about causes.

Barry Turnball, who ran a stall on the day, said: Events like this are important because it helps people who are alone and spreads awareness.

When asked about the importance of Lincoln Pride, Phil Yeo, assistant organiser for the event, said: A few years ago I had stuff thrown at me, people called me a faggot and personally, I thought: how do we deal with hate like that?

“Can I deal with it by shouting back and getting angry? Or we can throw a massive party in the street that all ages can come and join in for completely free and to fill the streets with colour, music, joy and love.

“Surely that is a better testament to who I am and who those people are.

The University of Lincoln’s LGBT community were amongst those who took part in the parade. Photo: Max Norstrom

“Lincoln’s LGBT community is very tight-knit and the city is very lucky to have it.”

Performances by Union J, Lloyd Daniels and many other artists entertained the crowds throughout the day at the stage set up outside the Double Tree by Hilton hotel on the waterfront.

With a huge turnout, the event looks to have been a success and Lincoln’s streets were filled with that little bit more colour and love.


People walked through the streets holding banners in support of the LGBT movement. Photo: Max Norstrom

Photo: Max Norstrom

The LGBT flag flew high with pride on Saturday. Photo: Max Norstrom

There were live performances throughout the day as part of the event's entertainment. Photo: Max Norstrom.

There were live performances throughout the day as part of the event’s entertainment. Photo: Max Norstrom.

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