Scouting For Girls make a triumphant return to Lincoln

As this year’s Lincoln freshers’ week drew to a close the students of Lincoln filled the Engine shed once again to sing-along to a pop group that defined a generation.

Scouting For Girls is, for many, a band that brings back memories of the early noughties and the old-style mp3 players. A group that has written songs everyone knows and secretly loves to sing along to.

Lead singer Roy Stride (above) working up the crowd. Photo: Rose Montanna

Lead singer Roy Stride (above) working up the crowd. Photo: Montanna Canning

On Thursday they played the Engine Shed once again to a great crowd who couldn’t be happier to be there. With two supporting acts the crowd was fired up before the main event.

The Pylons kicked things off – a local group who played the BBC introducing stage at Glastonbury this summer. The band is an indie-pop group who reminded me of groups like Noah and the Whale but yet they still have their own unique sound. After The Pylons’ set, the Marcians took to the stage – a different group who really got the crowd going. Another indie-pop band who were good, but the songs kind of ran into each other and it all sounded very similar.

When Scouting For Girls took to the stage they were met with an eruption of cheers. This group of friends from London released their first album way back in 2007 and are still popular today with songs that everyone knows.

They kicked stuff off with some of their more recent tracks but it wasn’t long before the classics came on. Lead singer Roy Stride dubbed the audience as the 5th member of the band and I can happily say we all lived up to that title by screaming the lyrics back at them all night.

A variety of tracks from across the years came out, but none were received with quite as much screaming as Elvis Ain’t Dead. The classic hit was revamped with an insert of the king himself, as the band covered a section from Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love.

The Engine Shed full of fans. Photo: Sara Needham

The Engine Shed full of fans. Photo: Sara Needham

This wasn’t the only cover as the band got the crowd rocking along to Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On a Prayer before finishing the set. Of course, there was an encore and when asked what we wanted the crowd shouted in unison “She’s So Lovely.” The song is a great feel good track that we all secretly know all the words too.

This was a great way for Scouting For Girls to end their summer of gigs. The Engine Shed was buzzing and everyone who was there clearly just wanted to sing along to everything.

The gig really made me nostalgic of the noughties and listening to their first album on the bus on the way to school. It also brought back memories of two years ago when they played at freshers’ back then. It was almost like reliving the same gig all over again which is exactly what I loved about it.

Never change Scouting For Girls. This generation will always love you.

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