Tuition fees set to rise at Lincoln

The University of Lincoln has announced it is raising its tuition fees from £9,000 to £9,250 from 2017.

It means students who study a typical undergraduate course will pay up to £750 more over the period of their degree – not accounting for interest payments on their student debts.

University of Lincoln tuition fees raised to £9,250

UoL have said that tuition fees will rise to £9,250 “subject to final confirmation”.
Photo: University of Lincoln

The increase is in line with inflation and follows a government report on higher education – published in May – which states that universities and colleges who “provide excellent teaching in higher education” will be able to charge the new amount.

Information about how some of the additional money will be spent by the University of Lincoln has already been revealed, with student support and Students’ Union activities receiving more funding.

In a statement, the University of Lincoln Students’ Union revealed that the Student Hardship Fund – which supports students in financial difficulty – will receive a £50,000 boost, taking the total fund to £343,000.

Societies and sports clubs managed by the SU will also benefit as an additional £150,000 will be spent on them in the 2017/18 academic year.

President of the Students’ Union Sammi Storey said: “I am delighted that the Students’ Union has been able to secure an increase in the hardship fund which helps our most disadvantaged members.

“But also that we have secured funding that will allow us to support our sports clubs by issuing grants, providing transport and training facilities […] and our societies by issuing grants to all societies and providing an increase in funding that they are able to apply for to carry out their specific interests.”

The University of Lincoln said the changes are “subject to final confirmation from government” and that information will be updated once fees for 2017 are finalised.

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