Felicity Ward brings mental health to comedy with her new show 50% More Likely to Die


★★★★★ “A killer show… tremendous… unrelenting… so beautifully woven together…she’s so bloody funny” THE LIST Photo: Unavoidable PR

Off the back of a hugely successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Australian comedian Felicity Ward is bringing her show 50% More Likely to Die to Lincoln this month.

Felicity is hoping to bring a new way of looking at mental health, by basically joking about her own problems.

Along with these risky, but surely hilarious jokes she weaves in a tale that epitomises her clumsy self and is something she hopes lots of people will be able to relate to.


She has called it a “lo-fi stand up thriller with some mental health jokes thrown in for good measure.”

The mental health angle comes off the back of her Australian documentary Felicity’s Mental Mission (ABC1/ABC2) about mental illness and irritable bowel syndrome, which included clips of her stand up.

These clips were specifically written for the documentary. Felicity said: “I thought maybe the next show could just be mental illness stuff. I had stuff written a year ahead and it just kept going.

“I’m always one to try and flog a dead horse, so said let’s try and take this baby out for a spin.”

The Linc spoke with Felicity, and she told us how she has never been worried about using mental illness as a topic for comedy.

“It’s something I have so you can’t be offended on my behalf for things I’m saying about myself.”

If you follow Felicity on Instagram then you may see what has become an infamous part of her stand up. Simply called “Chicken Karaoke,” this involves Felicity singing various audience requested songs in the style of a chicken.

She said: “It’s the stupidest bit of material ever. It’s not even material. I suggested it on stage once and I do it every night now.”

So if you want to see some top quality chicken inspired musical numbers then head over to Felicity’s Instagram.

Felicity Ward is bringing her show 50% More Likely To Die to the Engine Shed, Lincoln on the 21st October. Tickets are still available from the Engine Shed website.

If you want to check out the full interview with Felicity and Matt Dixon, Culture Editor then have a listen here:

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