The 90s comeback

This summer the choker has made a huge fashion comeback and – judging by its immense popularity – it looks like the 90s accessory is here to stay with us through the Autumn months as well.

Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande

Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande

If you are wondering what a choker is, it is a fitted necklace to be worn around the neck. Chokers can be found in the jewellery section of most clothing stores. I would recommend checking out New look, Accessorize and Topshop.

They have some really nice ones on offer which you can get in various colours and materials. At the moment velvet and leather are very popular. In my opinion you can never go wrong with a simple black leather one.

There are many ways to style a choker, but the most prominent one over summer has definitely been to combine it with an off-shoulder piece. It can be a top or a blouse, even a dress.

The off-shoulder style works perfectly with the fitted necklace. A choker just seems to give an outfit that extra spark, which might be the reason why so many are now embracing the trend.

Summer is over now though, but do not fear! Chokers can be suitable for colder weather as well. You can combine it with a woollen turtleneck sweater (preferably a choker with a pendant then) or just a loose cotton shirt.

If you are feeling bold, maybe even a college jumper? Whatever you feel comfortable in. Mix and match. You will be surprised of what can work together.

Who knows – you might even end up starting a new trend. Don’t be afraid to accessorise through the upcoming Autumn/Winter months.

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