Three ways to wear an over-sized cardigan

If you have walked down Lincoln high-street in the past two weeks alone you will have noticed that the over-sized cardigan is being featured in every shop window from Primark, to River Island, to Topshop.

And if you are anything like me, you’ll have avoided buying one for fear of not styling it right and accidentally looking like an OAP rather than a university student. So here are three risk-free ways to style this look.

Look One:

Photo: Olivia Peace

Photo: Olivia Peace

Now that it’s getting colder this style would be great for a night out. The cardigan is thin enough to wear inside of a club – which means not having to pay for the cloakroom – without getting too warm and having to go to the smoking area for a breather every half an hour.

If you are not a club person, you could always don some tights and a nice thick scarf and wear it when you are out and about in Lincoln.

This outfit is quite basic so if you were going to wear it on a night out, I would suggest dressing it up with a bold makeup look and lots of jewellery. A dark lip – purple or even black if you are brave enough – with an amazing metallic smoky eye would work great along with a thick black choker and a collection of silver rings.


Look Two:

Photo: Olivia Peace

Photo: Olivia Peace

This is my favourite outfit out of the three. I love wearing it to lectures around this time of year. We have reached that annoying point in autumn where it is cold in the morning but by midday you only need a thin layer. By layering the stripy top, dungarees and then the cardigan over the top you will stay warm while still being stylish.

This style would look great with two fishtail plaits braided close to your head, a thick gold watch (or bracelet) and a nude, barely-there makeup look.



Look Three:

Photo: Olivia Peace

Photo: Olivia Peace

I wear these white jeans at every opportunity I can get. However, I have to try really hard to avoid looking like a reject from an early 2000s pop group when I do. By teaming them with this cardigan, a basic tee, some trainers, and a rucksack I feel like I have created the perfect look for someone who wants to look fashionable without seeming like they have made too much effort (especially if the only reason they are out of bed is to do a food shop).

Tousle your hair into some loose curls and then put it up into a ponytail and wear a minimal amount of jewellery – maybe some studs and a couple of rings – to maintain this casual, just-got-out-of-bed look.

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