Back To Basics

Photo Credit: Zhenya Nikolova

Photo Credit: Zhenya Nikolova

The fashion industry is a product of the modern age, at least according to Wikipedia. It is a distinctive and often constant trend in which a person dresses.

But trends change and fashion hardly ever stays the same. Frequently because the world moves forward and so does our taste.

Every decade has its most influential fashion trends. The 20s of flash and glitter, London’s punk in the 70s and the leather biker jackets in the 90s are just some examples of how fashion has evolved through the years.

But there is one style that never goes out of fashion and that is basics.  And do not let that concept fool you – they should really be called classics. They are the best long term investment you can make. They are easy to style and accessorise, they go with everything, look classy and everyone can pull that look off.  Although we have probably owned basic forever, it is only recently that we have made a trend out of it, mainly because of fashion icons and bloggers.

Photo Credit: Zhenya Nikolova

Photo Credit: Zhenya Nikolova

Everyone keeps plain t-shirts and dresses in their wardrobe even being aware of the small possibility of actually putting them on. But they are handy to have and it make us feel safe in case of a ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ emergency.

However, being the most reliable, stylish and timeless doesn’t necessarily make basics the easiest to shop for. Buying the right white t-shirt is the same as creating a messy bun.

Just because it is messy doesn’t mean it is not giving us 30 minutes stress before we achieve it. Same goes for basics. It is meant to be an easy, simple purchase but we’ve bought five white tops before we’ve found the ONE.

Going back to basics and having the same dress in camel and black or five different white tops is totally acceptable. We blame Kim K and fashion bloggers who we look up to for making our wardrobe ‘basic overload.’  We go online, look for inspirations and we can’t help ourselves but shop and keep up with the classy Kim Kardashian look.

The biggest pro with basics is being able to transform one piece of fabric into a day or a going out dress.  Depending on the occasion just pick the appropriate footwear and accessories and you’ve killed two days with one dress.


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