Hospital operations across Lincolnshire cancelled after virus infects IT systems

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust and Lincoln County Hospital have cancelled all planned operations in Lincolnshire today after IT systems were infected with a computer virus.

Operations at Lincoln County Hospital have stalled to a halt after IT systems were infected with a virus. Photo: Lincoln Pix/Flickr

In a statement on their website, the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust – which looks after Lincoln County Hospital and other local hospitals – said the decision was taken as a “precautionary measure”.

It said: “Our number one priority is keeping patients safe so we are cancelling all planned operations [today] unless there is a clinical reason not to.

“We are trying to contact all patients, but patients due to have an operation [today] are being asked not to turn up unless they hear otherwise.”

While operations today have been cancelled, Accident and Emergency services across Lincolnshire hospitals remain open, but should only be used if a condition is serious or life-threatening.

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