LIVE BLOG: SU members vote on the creation of a ‘Student Venues Committee’

Hello and welcome to The Linc‘s live coverage of tonight’s All Student Members Meeting (ASM), which includes a vote on the creation of a Student Venues Committee.

The motion was discussed at the last ASM in November and students will now have the chance to vote on whether there should be a group of students responsible for overlooking the Students’ Union’s venues: The Engine Shed, The Swan and Tower Bar.

Other items on the agenda include the election of a Deputy Chair, and a discussion about the latest suggestions put forward on the SUggestions section of the SU’s website.

The meeting takes place this evening, from 6pm, in the David Chiddick Building (DCB1102).

Come back closer to the time for live updates and coverage from the team.

Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201618:06

Good evening and welcome to our coverage of tonight’s All Student Members Meeting. The Linc’s News Editor, Liam O’Dell, will be reporting on this evening’s events here on this live blog, and on Twitter: @thelinc.

Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201618:12

Tonight’s ASM has a very small turnout, with around 23 students attending this evening.

Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201618:23

Tonight’s meeting has not hit quoracy and a Deputy Chair cannot be elected tonight. Michael Daniell will act as temporary deputy chair until students are able to elect someone to the position.

Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201618:27

With regards to the creation of a ‘Student Venues Committee’, Chair Scott Bonner said they have agreed ‘a permanent agenda item’ which will allow attendees to voice their opinions and concerns about SU venues.

Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201618:41

Although students cannot vote on it, Postgraduate Bradley Allsop has discussed his motion about the creation of a ‘democracy review working group’, which would pass policy.

Bradley argued that at the end of the first semester, ‘we have not been able to pass any policy’ and believes that it’s not really acceptable.
Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201619:05

Once again, the discussion moves on to student engagement and attendance at All Student Members Meetings.

On the topic of engagement, John-Paul Dickie, Vice President of Academic Affairs, said ‘we do our best’ and ‘we publicise as much as we can’.

He said: “You’re going to get varied engagement. You get dips year on year – it varies. We do our best. I think that’s all we can do.”

Instead of the creation of a democracy review working group, John-Paul argues that ‘it needs to be an open discussion’.

Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201619:16

Speaking about the democracy review working group, Community Rep for Carholme, Connor Delany, said he thinks ‘it’s time we branched out’ to students who aren’t as engaged in SU politics, and suggested surveying of the student body.

President of the Students’ Union, Sammi Storey, has put forward the idea of a meeting at the beginning of next year to discuss the democratic structure of ASMs.

Since then, Chair Scott Bonner has announced that there will be a one hour discussion at the next meeting to debate what students want to see changed.

Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201619:25

Disabled Students Officer, Josh Grinsell, has now talked through his SUggestion, entitled ‘improving accessibility on campus for people with disabilities’.

The suggestion can be viewed here:
Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201619:43

Postgraduate Officer Bradley Alsop has now opened a discussion about the creation of additional volunteer roles within the Students’ Union.

Ideas he has put forward include splitting his role as Postgraduate Officer into two, and the creation of a volunteer officer responsible for ethics and environmental policy.

Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201619:47

College of Arts Officer Natasha Bailey has commented on Bradley Allsop’s idea, saying that the creation of additional volunteer officers could the Students’ Union having ‘too many officers and too many roles’.

Instead, Natasha suggested that the student body look at the roles we already have and see what could be changed to include these new areas.
Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201620:11

After a quick discussion of any other business, the meeting has drawn to a close.

Also announced during tonight’s meeting was the nomination and election periods for sabbatical, volunteer and NUS Officer roles.

Nominations open on January 16 and close on February 10 next year, and election week for all of these positions is from February 20 to February 24.

Liam O'Dell Monday, December 5, 201620:17

Tonight’s All Students Members Meeting has now come to a close. Thank you for reading our live coverage tonight on both our website and our Twitter.

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