Fun Lovin’ Criminals talk politics with The Linc

Fun Lovin’ Criminals take to Lincoln’s Engine Shed this week.
Photo: chuffmedia

Multi-platinum New York group Fun Lovin’ Criminals will take to Lincoln’s Engine Shed this month.

The band burst onto the music scene in 1996, with their explosive debut ‘Come Find Yourself’ which spent a mightily impressive 100 weeks. Last year Fun Lovin’ Criminals celebrated the 20th anniversary of their debut, by playing the album from start to finish at a whole host of UK venues.

The band’s co-founder and bass player Brian ‘Fast’ Leiser told The Linc, that they plan to be a bit more creative with the set lists for this year’s tour.

“We loved the fact that we were playing the full record”, said Brian. “Most of the fans loved the fact that they knew what was coming next. There was a sort of excitement after the third song when everybody knew that ‘Scooby Snacks’ was next.

“For this tour we kind of wanted to switch it up a bit, but with this tour we haven’t really come up with a concrete idea yet so we have a bunch of options. Some nights we might play all of ‘Come Find Yourself’ from start to finish, other nights we might play it from end to beginning. We might just come out and play some of the other albums.

“We know that we definitely wanna do something a bit different than just doing the same old show so we’ll see.”

Fast is New York born and bred, and it doesn’t take long for the topic of conversation to turn to America and the newly elected President Trump.

“Part of me will be amazed if he makes to six months into his presidency without being impeached or assassinated. So many people are obviously against him because he is a racist bigot.

“But I will hope for the best and think positive and hope that maybe he can realise what a scumbag he is and actually do some good.

But Donald Trump isn’t the only politician Fast has a problem with.

“There’s no difference between Trump and Hilary Clinton. She goes up and says one thing and does the complete opposite. Donald Trump just goes up and says it and does it, and right from the start you know he’s a scumbag. But at least he’s honest. He’s an honest piece of sh*t. Whereas Hillary Clinton is the worst liar and murderer ever.

“History will show that Obama’s one of the worst Presidents ever. He had a great opportunity to make a difference and proved himself to be just another puppet who’ll do anything for a pay check, and that really upset me and a lot of other people.

But life goes on. Politics has always been what’s f*cking up the world. As long as people are greedy and think they’re better than other people then this world’s f*cked.

The Fun Lovin’ Criminals come to Lincoln’s Engine Shed on Thursday February 16 with doors opening at 7pm. You can buy tickets for £24 from

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