The Lincoln candidates: Karen Lee

Karen Lee, former Lincolnshire mayor and local councillor, has been selected as the Labour candidate for Lincoln in the General Election.

Photo: The Labour Party.

The city councillor and nurse joined the Labour party in 1994, became active in 1997, and was first elected as a councillor in 2003.

In a blog post on the Lincoln Labour website from 2011, she describes herself as ‘a lifelong socialist and trade unionist’. She has been a member of trade union UNITE for 11 years and trade union UNISON for nearly two years. Furthermore, she describes herself as ‘a family person’ and that after bringing up her four children in Lincoln, she is now ‘lucky enough to have four grandchildren and take an active role in school-runs and babysitting.’

On religion, Karen Lee was brought up as a Catholic, and while she feels that ‘some spiritual belief is a priceless thing’, she thinks that respecting the right of individuals to practice their faith is ‘essential’.

The former mayor reflects on her time in office, from 2012 to 2013, and being the only the 12th mayor in 806 years, which she describes as an ‘honour’.

Addressing the government, Karen Lee said: “In these times of austerity (for some) I think it is vital that we demonstrate that it is only the Labour Party who will stand up for those who are vulnerable […] we must continue the fight for a fairer society.”

Karen Lee was contacted for an interview with The Linc, but was unavailable.

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