Lincoln SU to scrap National Student Survey motion

A motion which called for the boycott of the National Student Survey (NSS) is to be ‘nullified’ by the University of Lincoln’s Student Union, following recent changes by the Government.

Lincoln Students' Union (SU)

The decision comes after the decision was passed by students at an emergency meeting in March.

The survey, which asks for third year students to evaluate their university experience, has come under fire over its link to the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). Under initial proposals, universities that received a ‘gold’ rating from the scheme would be able to increase their tuition fees. Following the passing of the Higher Education and Research Act earlier this year, the decision has since been postponed.

In a statement, Lincoln SU said: “In light of recent Government changes, and with the amendment to the Higher Education and Research Bill stating that the results of the TEF would not be grounds for determining fees a university can charge being passed earlier this year, the Union can confirm that the motion is to be nullified.

“The motion ‘to join NUS in calling for the House of Commons to accept the amendment made by the House of Lords that would call for TEF to be delinked from tuition fee rises’ has been resolved, at least until the Government’s 2019 independent review of the TEF is completed,” they said.

The decision comes after the motion was passed at an emergency All Student Members Meeting (ASM) in March. The ASM, which was called following the SU’s decision to temporarily suspend the Conservative Society’s social media accounts, saw the motion pass alongside votes on free speech and the Student Union’s disciplinary procedures.

The policy on the NSS boycott is the third and final motion to be scrapped, with the Lincoln Students’ Union rejecting the freedom of speech and disciplinary panel votes in June.

It will no longer be one of the Union’s official stances, pending approval from the Board of Trustees.

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