Lincoln SU Vice President issues update on ongoing Blackboard issues

Tommy George, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, has emailed students on the issues affecting Blackboard, as the site continues to experience intermittent issues

Lincoln Students' Union (SU)

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Tommy George, said he was ‘equally frustrated and disappointed’ by the ongoing issues.

In their latest update, IT Services said investigations are still ongoing and that they are working with Blackboard to ‘resolve the issue as quickly as possible’.


“We fully appreciate the importance of this vital service, especially at the start of term. We are looking at alternative ways to access your timetables and will continue to provide regular updates on progress throughout the day,” they said.

In an email sent out to students this afternoon, Tommy said he was ‘equally frustrated and disappointed’ by the problem and is working with SU President Kudzai Muzangaza to share their concerns with the relevant departments and the university’s Vice Chancellor, Mary Stuart.

“Blackboard is our virtual learning environment and a centre point for students’ learning, and I personally have invested a lot of time and effort into supporting this service,” he said.

“However, I am deeply disappointed that at such an important time for new and returning students we have been let down.”

Tommy then went on to express his concern that ‘no communication has been made’ to students about alternative access methods for viewing their timetables, before linking to an alternative webpage for students to do so.

Tommy added: “Blackboard is also the primary method to upload assessments, and it worries me that for many of you faced with assessment deadlines, the breakdown of Blackboard will be causing unnecessary stress.

“Please be assured that I am having conversations on your behalf to confirm a time frame for the service to be fully functionally, and to ensure that you continue to receive access to services at such an important time.”

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