VP Academic Affairs: We ‘cannot guarantee’ when Blackboard will be back online

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Tommy George, has emailed students advising them how to proceed while the status of Blackboard remains intermittent.

Blackboard has been offline intermittently since last Friday.

“I would like to reassure you that we are putting in place a range of interim measures to reduce any inconvenience for you,” he said in an update on Wednesday evening.

Blackboard, which is the primary method to upload assessments and access learning resources at the University of Lincoln, has been up and down since last Friday. The issue comes as students started their new academic term from Monday.

Teaching staff have agreed to use the university email system to share learning resources, which can be accessed directly via the Outlook website.

Those with assessment deadlines between September 21 and September 29 have been given an extension until October 6 and should refer to the relevant module coordinator or school office.

Students are reminded that their timetable page remains live and is not tied to Blackboard.

They can also submit extenuating circumstances requests directly to personal tutors via email during the downtime.

While the portal may be accessible to some, Tommy adds that he cannot guarantee its stability at this time.

“I will continue to work with the relevant University departments which oversee Blackboard to resolve the current issues,” he said.

The IT department is continuing to work closely with the software provider to fix the problem.

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