Lincoln SU issues further comment after bye-law changes win student approval

The University of Lincoln’s Students’ Union has issued an additional statement commenting on changes to its bye-laws, after students voted through amendments at a meeting last night.

Lincoln Students' Union (SU)

The SU said that the proposals to amend bye-laws was ‘voted for overwhelmingly’ by students attending last night’s ASM.

Speaking to The Linc, an SU spokesperson said: “Whilst there were voices of concern about some elements of the bye-law changes, it must not go unmentioned that the proposal was received very positively and offers up opportunities whereby students can engage with their elected sabbatical officers in a more transparent manner and one that offers a more substantive and representative platform for decisions and policy to be made by the student body.”

Despite 17 students voting against the changes, and 8 abstaining, they went on to add that the proposal was ‘voted for overwhelmingly’ by students in attendance.

“Through models such as SUggestions, as well as the new bye-laws governing Petitions and methods of calling for the new ad-hoc All Student Members’ meetings, we will be able to engage students with issues that truly matter to them,” they said.

The new changes to bye-laws include All Student Members meetings (ASMs) taking place ‘as and when needed’, with an increased limit of 150 students (up from 50) needed to vote on proposals.

A summary of all the new bye-laws can be found on the SU website.

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