Top tips on how to make your university room cosy

It’s no secret that student accommodation tends to be quite basic (in other words, maybe not the cosiest place at first). Adding a few bits and pieces can really make a difference though – and there’s a lot of new and exciting homeware trends out there to help you do it.

Here’s our best tips on how to give your university room that cosy feeling:


Investing in a plant or two is such a great way to add a bit of colour and freshness to your room, and it looks great as décor as well. A cactus is literally the perfect plant for students as it only needs watering once a month.

Artificial plants

Photo: Theresa Brandal Sande

If you fall into the category of people that cannot even keep a cactus alive though, then the rising popularity of artificial plants is right up your alley. Fake plants and flowers have made a major comeback in the homeware section, and can now be purchased in various forms and colours. If you are on the lookout for affordable ones, I would recommend checking out stores like Primark and New Look.

Storage boxes

Photo: Theresa Brandal Sande

Have you brought a lot of stuff from home that you don’t seem to find the space for? Investing in a couple of storage boxes is a super way to sort it. Not only are the boxes nice to look at, but they are also a practical tool to make your room look tidy and organised. Stores like Paperchase and TK Maxx have affordable ones available.

Fairy lights

Photo: Guia Alessandra Sole Cassanmagnago

If the suggestions above don’t help, then this might do the trick! Fairy lights create such a nice and calm mood in a room, which is perfect if you are feeling drained after a long day at university. A little tip: brew a cup of your favourite hot drink and curl up in bed with nothing but the fairy lights on.

Décor cushions

Not only are they super comfortable to have in bed, but they look great as well. Adding a pair of décor cushions to your bedding is a nice way to make your bedroom feel less plain and more like home. Stores like Primark, New Look and Wilko have a varied and nice selection.

Other items that can help bring out that cosy/snuggly feeling are cute mugs, books, posters, scented candles, blankets, a room diffuser, flowers, personal photos or colourful bedding.

Photo: Theresa Brandal Sande

Investing in all of this at once is not exactly ideal as a student, but hopefully we have provided you some helpful tips on how to spruce up your university room.

Even though you might not spend that much time there, being able to come home to a cosy environment can do wonders for a person’s mood, and who knows, it might even give you the desire to get cracking on your latest university assessment?  (Well, it’s worth a try).

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