Lincoln student launches Kickstarter for new maths board game

A Marketing student from the University of Lincoln has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new maths board game.

The NumRush game sees ‘numbers turn into living creatures and math operations turn into magical spells’. Photo: Harry Nguyen.

Harry Nguyen, an international student from Vietnam, aims to raise $29,000 for the game NumRush – a game believed to be inspired from Scrabble which sees players compete against each other by solving maths puzzles.

Harry told The Linc: “I know math can sometimes be either plain or intimidating to kids, and some of them even develop math anxiety from young ages.

“NumRush set to solve the problem by being a fun game at first, then a math game later.

“I have been working with my team in Vietnam for the past year to design a math game that is both engaging and highly replayable,” he said.

The campaign is now live online and will run for 28 days before closing on December 6.

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