The Linc Weekly Playlist: November 14th

It’s time for another weekly playlist, and you won’t be disappointed! We have collected some favourites from a range of genres, so why not see if there is anything new for you to enjoy?

First up this week is a highlight from Walk the Moon’s recently released album ‘What If Nothing’, entitled ‘One Foot’. This tune is everything you would expect from a song clearly written to get you up and dancing – a true pop song and one that should do very well in the charts over the coming weeks.

Pop fans don’t only have Walk the Moon’s offering to work with this week; Carly Rae Jepsen has teamed up with BC Unidos to produce ‘Trouble in the Streets’, a mellow but nonetheless enjoyable effort that certainly deserves its fair share of praise.

N.E.R.D’s new song with Rihanna is an absolute hit! Photo: Eric lewis/ flickr

More of a rap enthusiast? Rihanna’s new collaboration with N.E.R.D delivers a fresh addition to this genre and then some. ‘Lemon’ is sure to get you in the party mood.

Foo Fighters are regarded as experts when it comes to producing alternative music that keep fans coming back, and one of their latest releases shows exactly why. ‘Concrete and Gold’ provides a calm melody and showcases the instrumental skill of this experienced band – rock fans, be sure to have a listen.

‘The Grey King and The Silver Flame Attunement’ by The Mountain Goats shares in the calm melodies popular with this week’s playlist. A definite indie folk style shines through in the tune’s intriguing lyrics and slow instrumentals.

With their recent successes, Twenty One Pilots need no introduction. Their track ‘Kitchen Sink’ does not disappoint as its masterful lyrics steal the show once again. The song, released all the way back in 2011, is one that deserves to reach the heights of Twenty One Pilots’ most loved releases.

If the lyrical style Twenty One Pilots produce is your kind of thing, Easy Life’s ‘Pockets’ is highly recommended. If this, their first ever EP, is anything to go by, Easy Life already know their craft and have big things on the horizon.

Finally, for any melodic R&B or slow soul fans, ‘C U Girl’ by Steve Lacy and Always Never’s ‘Wylin’ are definitely deserving of appreciation. ‘Wylin’ is firmly set in the R&B genre, while ‘C U Girl’ certainly comes from an artist more concerned with soul music. But each of these songs craft relaxing beats fit for a slow night in or marathon study session.

If any of these take your fancy, go and check out the latest instalment of ‘The Linc Weekly’ on Spotify!

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