Christmas shopping: what to get for the person who has everything

There seems to be someone on everyone’s Christmas list – picking out a gift for the person who appears to have everything, is not an easy task. If you’re running out of ideas by now, there’s no need to worry! We have come up with a list that can hopefully steer you in the right direction:

Photo: Theresa Brandal Sande


Where else is better to look for gift inspiration than your own city, town or village? Many people are unaware of the numerous events Lincoln holds around the festive period, much of which will serve as an excellent and unique Christmas gift. There are weekly ghost walks for those without a faint heart, ballet shows to take the breath away from anyone watching, and pantomimes which will leave the whole family with smiles on their faces. The Engine Shed also has a fabulous range of comedy shows and concerts that are bound to make someone’s Christmas special.

Quirky gifts

There are now a number of websites that have your back when it comes to those difficult to buy for. Forget the socks, body lotions and scarves being your go-to. How about unicorn vodka, spreadable coffee, or lollipops with the solar system inside of them? One website in particular that offers such quirky items are Firebox, you can find the most adorable and random gifts there. If you don’t want those at home to miss you too much while you’re away, this website also offers the opportunity to get your face printed on cushions, air fresheners, and pillows.

Personalised gifts

Tired of spending hours in beauty counters or gourmet food shops? There are many websites offering a solution to this problem – getting your loved one to design the gift themselves. From picking their own scents for a personalised perfume, making sweets, or even having foundation customised – these places will let you sit back while your friend/family member do the decision-making. Lincoln’s Boots for instance, has an amazing personalising service that will engrave perfume/aftershave bottles, makeup brushes etc… This is a great gift for those who will never abandon their favourite products.

We all know how difficult it is to buy for those who seem to own everything, so hopefully these ideas will give you a better sense of direction. If not, arriving home from university will surely be the best gift your loved ones could ask for.

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