Students sing ‘Africa’ by Toto outside Students’ Union

Students from the University of Lincoln gathered outside the Students’ Union to sing Toto’s ‘Africa’ yesterday, after an event was set up on Facebook calling upon people to do so.

Created by a page called ‘Lincoln Memes for Swan-Loving Teens’, over 360 students said they would be ‘going’ to the event, with more than 900 people saying they were ‘interested’.

The administrator of the Facebook page – who wishes to remain anonymous – told The Linc that they thought the event went ‘really well’ and was ‘surprised so many people turned up’.

“[It] wouldn’t have been the same without Kudz [SU President] lending us a speaker and keeping everyone entertained, so big thanks to him,” they said.

Released in 1982, Toto’s track has since found some new fame online, with the track being used in Internet memes and viral videos.

The event also saw attendees sing Toploader’s cover of ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’, as well as ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth – a song made famous on social media for its appearance in the soundtrack to the movie Shrek.

It then concluded with SU President Kudzai Muzangaza saying that whilst the event had nothing to with the Students’ Union, he would ‘welcome more random singalongs’ in the future.

However, when asked by The Linc about a follow-up event, the admin of Lincoln Memes for Swan-Loving Teens said ‘not right now’.

“Back to posting some high-quality memes for a bit before we even think about this again,” they said.

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