Lincoln SU publishes update on mental health first aid

The University of Lincoln’s Students’ Union has announced that a member of its staff is to become trained in teaching mental health first aid.

A member of staff at Lincoln SU will attend a mental health first aid training course on February 6. Photo: Lincoln SU.

The news comes after a suggestion was posted on the Union’s SUggestions website in May last year, which said ‘The SU should look into providing mental health first aid accessible for students and lecturers’.

The idea was later put forward at an All Student Members meeting in October, with students voting through the motion.

Submitted by Vice President for Welfare & Community Connor Delany, it called for mental health first aid training ‘[to] be offered to students and university staff to allow them to identify those at risk and to also understand basic triggers and how to help students suffering from poor mental health access the best possible care’.

In a comment on the SUggestion, Connor said: “We looked into the viability of the suggestion and made enquiries on the best way to get a member of staff trained so that they could facilitate training for others.

“I am pleased to tell you that a place has been secured on a Mental Health Train the Trainer course for a ULSU staff member and they will be commencing their training on the 6th of February.

“The training takes approximately 2 months to complete with some post course assessments but we hope to be able to roll out Mental Health First Aid training from around April. Please keep a look out for further updates,” he said.

More information about the Suggestion can be found on the Students’ Union’s website.

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