New water fountains introduced in University Library

Water fountains can now be found on every floor of the University Library and will be in place in the Minerva Building in time for the summer – it has been announced.

Water fountains can now be found on every floor of the library. Photo: Tom Larken

After an SUggestion on the issue was submitted on the Students’ Union website, President Kudzai Muzangaza said it has shown ‘that student experience in Lincoln is key’.

“The University has worked with us closely to ensure that this was put in place.”

“I’m really excited at the prospect of these fountains further helping students, particularly whilst studying hard in the Library,” he said.

The SUggestion was submitted by ‘Grace C.’ and detailed the previous inconvenience of the lack of water fountains.

“This is not only annoying for those working on higher levels, but also inconsiderate of those with physical disabilities, as they too have to make the journey all the way down to the ground floor and back again just to refill their water bottles,” it reads.

SUggestions are posted on the SU website and once reviewed by the Union Chair and the Chair of the Board of Trustees, go up on the site for voting. If an idea receives 50 votes, it is assigned to a Student Leader and eventually implemented.

Previous submissions which have been acted upon include the announcement earlier this year that the SU will phase out plastic straws in all of its venues.

Meanwhile, SUggestions which have been deemed ‘not plausible’ include the introduction of a University of Lincoln anthem, which was not authorised by the union due to ‘financial risk’.

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