The winter skincare guide 2019

Skincare is a must when it comes to pampering yourself and winter can be one of the worst times of year for your skin. The cold air can make it really dry and flaky so it’s essential that you’ve nailed a routine that’s not only agrees with your skin but it suitable for the weather. Here are some essential skincare products for the winter months.

Before prepping your skin, you have to make sure you have a smooth base. A good cleansing wash will make sure you don’t have any dry patches on the skin and it will help your other products sit on the skin nicely rather than your skin being rough. The L’Oréal fine flowers cleansing wash is what I prefer to use during this time to make sure my skin is soft and prepped. When applied it turns into a foam consistency to add moisture to your skin and not dry it out.

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Lips are also something that are very easily dried out during the winter. The endless amounts of lip balm we get through is a bit excessive. However, I found that a scrub is far better than using a lip balm. It scrubs off all the dead and dry skin on your lips and leaves them nice and smooth. My favourite one is the Lush bubble gum flavour. However, they do around 4 other flavours including a Christmas one.

When pampering yourself before going out or if you just want a night in, I recommend a good face mask to put some hydration back into your skin. An inexpensive product that I recommend is the Garnier Moisture Bomb hydrating sheet mask. They do a lot of variations of this mask such as a chamomile and an anti-aging one. However, I prefer the original! It’s not messy and really east to

Photo Credit: Manisha Sodera

apply and gives you a dewy finish afterwards.

For that dry winter skin, a good moisturiser is an essential. The one I gravitate towards is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel moisturiser. It is very intensely hydrating and it will help your makeup go on smoothly and it will prevent your foundation from clinging onto those dry spots. Neutrogena has been a very trusty brand for me and it’s also good for people with sensitive skin, which is

Lastly, I like to use a good eye cream before my makeup as I can get dry under eyes which can lead to early signs of wrinkles so a good hydrating eye cream is key in my routine. I recommend the Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream as it leaves the under eye hydrating without it feeling too heavy on the skin. Although this isn’t in everyone’s routine, I feel like it’s essential for those tough winter months.

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  1. Bindu Sodera says:

    Good concepts , very good Tips! These tips are very helpful to look after my skin in this nasty rough weather! Thank you so much!!