LIVE BLOG: SU Elections 2019 – The Results

We’re here at the Tower Bar to bring you the live results of the University of Lincoln Students’ Union Elections 2019.

The results will be announced tonight. Photo: University of Lincoln Students’ Union.

9:40pm – Finally, to round up our coverage, here is a summary of the most significant events tonight.

  • Turnout at this election has improved by around 3% jumping from 27 to 30.
  • The new President is Cassie Coakley – watch our interview with her here.

Thanks for following our coverage!

9:18pm – Perhaps the last significant event of the evening, current President Kudzai Muzangaza has emotionally marked the end of his presidency, which will officially conclude at the end of this term, by singing High School Musical song Breaking Free followed by Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’.

9:06pm – The first round of voting in the President contest has taken place and Cassie Coakley is the new SU President, winning the contest to a chant of “We love you Cassie, we do, we love you Cassie we do, we love you Cassie we do, oh Cassie we love you.” In her acceptance speech she said: “Thank you so so much. Thank to you all my campaign team – thank you to everyone and Kudzai you’ve been amazing for the past few years.”

9:04pm – The new VP Welfare and Community is Emma Blackburn.

9:02pm – The new VP Education is Georgia Petts.

9:01pm – The new VP Activities is Abi Brown.

9:00pm – FIRST SABBATICAL OFFICER ELECTED – The new VP International is Mohit Bulchandani.

8:55pm – Amber Parker Marshall has been eliminated as VP Welfare and Community goes to a fifth round whilst in the VP International contest Craig Holmes has been eliminated as that contest goes on to another round.

8:50pm – Benjamin Cattle is the new School of Heritage Rep. In the third round of voting for VP Welfare and Community, no one reached the threshold so it will now go to a fourth round of voting with Freddie Leather eliminated. In the second round of VP International voting, no one reached the threshold so that contest will go a third round with Mikhail Belovol eliminated.

8:40pm – We’re now having another five minute break.

8:35pm – The new International Students Association Officer is Stephan Hernandez whilst the new School of Maths and Physics Rep is Jake Muff, the new School of People and Organisation Rep is Iona Camelia Martin and the new Union Chair, who runs ASM meetings and has a role in the SUgesstions platform, is Tilly Willow Woodmin.

8:30pm – The second round of voting for VP Activities has taken place and no one reached the threshold again so a third round will take place with Katie Maloney eliminated. Meanwhile, the new BAME Officer is Princess Tamou.

8:25pm – The first round of voting in the VP Education contest has taken place but no one has reached the required threshold so it will have to go to a second round. Eliminated from the contest is Aman Raj.

8:21pm – They will be announcing the VP International winner this evening but whoever is elected may not be the final officer as there has been a complaint about how this contest has been ran and it may mean they have to re-visit the election for this particular role. The first round of voting for VP International has taken place but no one has reached the threshold so another round will take place later on.

8:20pm – VP Welfare and Community will go to a third round. Danielle Thomas has been eliminated from the contest. The new School of

8:17pm – Harry Margarson is the new Sports Officer. The new School of Geography Rep is Bart Hill. The first round of voting for VP Activities has taken place but no one reached the threshold, Connor Walker has been eliminated and another round will take place later.

8:15pm – The new School of Psychology Rep is Talia Adams, the new School of Computer Science Rep is Tom Lock and the new School of Architecture and the Built Envrionment Rep is Callum Inkster.

8:11pm – The first round of voting for VP Welfare and Community has taken place but no one reached the voting threshold so another round will take place later.

8:10pm – The new Societies Officer is Rhys Davies and the new School of Law Rep is Edward Foster.

8:05pm – Proceedings have now resumed. The new School of Chemistry Rep is Amelia Cullen.

8:01pm  – While we’re having a break, here is a round-up of the results so far:

  • Next year’s National Union of Students (NUS) delegates, alongside the current President Kudzai Muzangaza who is automatically given one of the four delegate positions, will be Tommy George (current VP Education), Grace Corn (current VP Welfare and Community) and Sophia Liu (current VP International).
  • In terms of school representatives, the School of Pharmacy Rep will be Fiona Hutchinson and the School of Accounting, Finance and Economics Rep will be Kyle Murfet.
  • Jacob Ford will be the new LGBT+ Officer.
  • Joanne Copson will be the new RAG officer, who will oversee charity fundraising.

8:00pm – Kyle Murfet is the new representative for the School of Accounting, Finance and Economics. Meanwhile, proceedings are now taking a brief break. Join us again shortly.

7:55pm – Grace Corn, Tommy George and Sophia Liu have been elected as NUS delegates who will be alongside the current President Kudzai Muzangaza.

7:45pm – The new LGBT+ Officer is Jacob Ford.

7:42pm – Fiona Hutchinson is the new School of Pharmacy Representative and Joanne Copson is the new RAG officer.

7:40pm – Former VP Activities, Cassie Coakley’s predecessor, Luke Exton, has been invited onto the stage by Kudzai.

7:37pm – Kudzai has confirmed that turnout was 30.15% with 4,720 students taking part – 675 more than last year.

7:35pm – Kudzai says we are now “ready to go”.

7:30pm – The event is now thirty minutes behind schedule.

7:22pm – Current President Kudzai Muzangaza is now opening the event.
He says the delay has been due to having to check the votes because they have been “incredibly close”.

7:20pm – People are being elected tonight in five paid leadership roles which are President, Vice-President Education, Vice-President Activities, Vice-President International and Vice-President Welfare and Community.

Voluntary positions are also being filled including representatives for the various schools at the University of Lincoln.

7:15pm – The SU have also released a list of complaints that have been received during the election campaign regarding the conduct of candidates. The list of complaints that were upheld are as follows:

  • Candidate had contacted Societies committee members stating they were running for the role and asking for manifesto ideas before campaigning begun.
  • Use of tape instead of Blu Tac to hang posters causing damage to surfaces.
  • Misleading information – use of ‘Officer elect’.
  • Candidate allegedly used Official SU email account to promote own campaign.
  • Candidate was allegedly campaigning before being briefed.
  • Candidate was allegedly telling students that they would get free food if they voted a certain way.

The names of the candidates who the complaints relate to have not been announced.

7:10pm – The SU have released information on how much candidates spent on their campaigns. Under election rules, they are only allowed to spend one hundred pounds (of their own money) on their campaign.

In terms of the presidential candidates, Cassie Coakley spent £90.07, Jordan Maslen spent £26.98 and Roberta Jayne Mcinnes spent £28.64.

6:55pm – The event is due to get underway in around five minutes time.

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