SU Elections 2019: The Presidential Interviews

Ahead of voting closing on Wednesday, The Linc has been talking to the presidential candidates in the University of Lincoln Students’ Union Elections 2019.

The Editor of The Linc, Bethany Lee, interviewed candidate Cassie Coakley:

The Linc was unable to obtain an interview with candidate Jordan Maslen, but here is his manifesto:

“I believe that this Student Union is doing a good job, but could be greatly improved in serving the students it represents. If I was elected to be the president, these are the main objectives I would strive to achieve:

1. Open up an Elf department within the Student Union
2. Buy a 2nd Barge as a temporary one until the 1st one is ready for use
3. More Reindeer’s on University Campus
4. Free Santa hats for all students

As president, I would ensure that good values are upheld within the Student Union. Fairness, kindness and love for Christmas trees are just some of ideas I will help promote while I am in office. I believe more can be done for all students, especially the ones with pointy ears and green hats, and I will do all that I can to ensure the student experience is a good and merry one.

SU Presidential candidate Jordan Maslen. Photo: University of Lincoln Students’ Union.

I personally believe it’s a terrible oversight that there is currently no Elf department within this Student Union. The amount of Elf related problems that occur on a daily basis need to be addressed and it can only be done by having it’s own department dedicated to helping students in this troubling times.

The barge has still not been opened for students, which is understandable, sometimes it just be like that. I believe that there is a simple solution to this, which is to buy a 2nd barge. This would only be a temporary purchase to hold us over until the 1st barge is ready for use. Both barges will also be painted in a nice red and green pattern.

Student engagement is vial for a students union, and I believe this can only be achieved by having 200 reindeer roaming the university campus. Now you’re probably wondering, how does having 200 large wild reindeer improve student engagement? Well just trust me on this one :)

Finally, free Santa hats for all students, I think that is one is self explanatory.

This is what you can expect if you vote for me, I hope that I can meet the expectations of all the students within this union.”

The Linc’Deputy Editor, Oliver Pridmore, interviewed candidate Roberta Jayne Mcinnes:

You can read all of our coverage on the elections so far here.

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