Monthly menopause café comes to Lincoln

The event will be held at Body Lipo Lincoln. Photo credit: Bethany Lee

A menopause café will be hosted for the first time today in the aims of bringing women together to openly discuss their experiences. 

The café will be hosted on the first Tuesday of every month at 10am till 12pm and is hosted by wellbeing therapist Louise White at her clinic, Body Lipo Lincoln. 

Louise, who has had her business located on the High street since 2017, said: “I have been doing this for quite some time now and a lot of my clients are over a certain age. I am aiming to opening up an honest conversation involving often taboo subjects that women face.  

People are quite isolated in their feelings when it comes to their bodies changing. One minute they’re jumping around, going to fitness classes, having children and then all of a sudden, they’re looking in the mirror and noticing a change in their bodies, and I can talk to them, and tell them why these associated symptoms are happening. 

It is nice for women who are struggling and are going through the change to share their experiences and learn with each other, as well as embracing how to live with the change.” 

The clinic offers a wide range of non-surgical treatments aimed at skincare, aesthetics and well-being. As well as offering treatments involving infrared sauna-pods, aimed at reducing stress levels.  

Kathy Abernethy, the chair of the British Menopause Society said: “Menopause is much more widely discussed now than it has been in the last decade. This is partly due to women themselves being willing to support others and talk about how they have been affected.

Menopauses cafes, don’t offer women treatment usually, but rather act as places for peer discussion, opening up the topic and helping women to realise how universal symptoms are. This is of great benefit.”

The average age in the UK for women to reach the menopause is 51. The NHS describes the menopause as a, ‘change in the balance of the body’s sex hormones, which occurs as you get older.’ 

More information on the monthly event can be found on this website.  With the next café being hosted on Tuesday May 7.


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  1. John Paul Goulsbra says:

    Hello can mens join or not just asking as the best

  2. a says:

    Can you tell us more about this? I’d want to
    find out some additional information.

  3. Bethany Lee says:

    Yes of course Julie, I will update the article to include this.

  4. Bethany Lee says:

    Hello John Paul.Yes men can join if they would like to learn more about this.