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Female volunteers needed for new Rape Crisis service

Should more be done to help victims of sexual assault? A Lincoln graduate is looking for volunteers to help set up a Lincoln Rape Crisis centre to help victims.

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Fans up at midnight to pick up glasses-free 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS was released on Friday, March 25th and fans waited in Lincoln to pick up the new console at midnight.

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Littering with leaflets? Leave me alone

As the SU candidates are trying desperately to impress and get your vote, Suzy Aldridge wishes that they would just leave her alone and stop making a mess.

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Charnley claims Lincoln MP ‘uneducated’ about higher education

Chris Charnley, Lincoln Students’ Union president, has¬†labelled Karl McCartney, Lincoln’s Tory MP,¬†“uneducated” about higher education.

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